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Why World Class Premier?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Any parent’s dream is to watch their child find a passion, embrace it, and set goals in order to conquer and excel. For many young athletes, soccer is that chosen passion. We at World Class Premier are happy to say we live, breathe, and if we could, eat soccer everyday! Whether you are finding us here at the start of your child’s soccer career, or if you’ve ventured down other roads of training and wish to try other outlets, we want to assure you that your student has not just a place, but a home with World Class Premier.

On any given day of the week, you can find our coaches leading personal trainings, group trainings, or encouraging their teams from the sidelines as they power through league games. The truth is – we used to be those children, giddy with excitement to work hard and play harder. Now, our passion lies in passing that love of the sport down to our students and feeling the joy that comes from their growth.

We wish to not only build talented players on and off the field, but also develop young minds with respect, strong sportsmanship, and love. We are not just a soccer company, we are a family- one that stands together, falls together, but most importantly believes in one another.

For us at World Class Premier, winning is an amazing thing, but the skills and knowledge our students possess at the end of each training or game is the most valued piece. We are confident that in your soccer journey with your child(ren), you will find a home with World Class Premier. We would love for your athlete to join us for one of our many training sessions and we promise you won’t be disappointed. As dedicated coaches with a burning passion for soccer, we hope that you’ll find a place with us so we can pass that on and help to shape your child’s future in soccer.

Kokou Assigbe, Director of Coaching

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