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How long does the travel soccer season go?

Fall season practices will begin in early August and league games will begin the week after Labor Day. The Fall season will end in early November. Spring season practices start early March, while games will run from April to early June. Usually our teams attend a tournament or two per season, as well.


Where do you play league games?

Half of the games are played at home and the other half are held in the Washington DC Metro Area. Some games could be as far as Springfield or Reston VA, Baltimore, or Montgomery County, but few require more than a 30 to 45 minute drive. On the rare occasion, a team might have to travel as far as 2 and ½ hours away to Deleware.


What is the travel soccer time commitment?

Practices are held 2 to 3 times a week during the regular season for each time, and players are expected to attend every practice and game. Players are expected to arrive 30-40 minutes before each game start time in order to warm up with their team.


How do you decide playing time? 

As opposed to recreational leagues, for travel soccer playing time is not guaranteed. Coaches use several criteria to help determine playing time, including: player ability, work ethic at practices, and distinct game situations. Parents, please be aware that travel soccer leagues are very competitive, and non-competitive teams are dropped to a lower division at the end of each season.


What are the age restrictions, if any?

League rules state that an older player is never allowed to “play down” on a younger team. However, younger players are occasionally allowed to “play up” on older teams at the discretion of WCP coaches.


How do you select players for travel teams?

Team rosters are determined during yearly tryouts by the head coach.


How do tryouts for teams work?

Tryouts will be held for the new teams we form each year in order to select players. Pre-existing WCP teams will hold tryouts each year in June to fill any vacancies and to allow new players to compete for positions on the team.


What can I do to help the team?

Every team needs a manager to act as the administrator for the team. This person ensures that important items are present at every game, including: rosters, player passes, game cards, and referee evaluation forms. This person also retains medical release forms, updates team email lists, distributes information from the coach to the team as needed, and prepares league and tournament registration materials. Contact your coach if you are interested in this position.

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