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A WCP girls player kicking a soccer ball on a turf field.

Who is World Class Premier?

Established in 2016, World Class Premier (WCP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing a premier program to the community. It is our mission to develop highly skilled, competitive players who work hard towards high-level soccer careers and embody our core values on and off the field.  We believe all children should have an equal opportunity to choose the path they wish to pursue in soccer.  It is fundamental for kids to belong to a club where they can not only become great players, but where they will also develop strong character, good work ethic, and discipline at an early age.

Operating in Montgomery County, MD, World Class Premier offers programs to children ages 3–18.  Our club is known for producing hard-working, dedicated, and respectful players who are motivated to continue developing as athletes, citizens, and difference-makers in our community.  We have high expectations in our program to better prepare our players for the next level; whether that is to play soccer in college or professionally.

Two young WCP boys player playing soccer on a turf field.

The World Class Difference

Across the board, all WCP teams institute the same philosophy of play.  Our club leads the way in true player development.  We are one club, with one way.  Founded on a culture of discipline and fun, our core values (development, commitment, and family) hold our players to a high standard while simultaneously instilling a love for the game.  In place of a results-focused mindset, players under our tutelage learn, grow, and are given the right tools to express themselves individually on the field and to collectively work together to play beautiful soccer.

A WCP boys team huddling with their coach before their soccer game.

Play the Right Way

We believe the game should be enjoyable for both players and spectators, not just with wins, but with emphasis on how we play and how we win.  Through the implementation of the total fútbol methodology, developed by the likes of Ajax and Barcelona, players have numerous opportunities for touches on the ball.  Our teams play out of the back and heavily rely on out-possessing opponents to create scoring opportunities.  We don’t settle for fragile tactics that produce wins at the youth level but result in underdeveloped players in the long run.  Mistakes will happen and they are welcome.  Players must be allowed to think freely and implement what is taught in practice.  This is what we call, Play the Right Way.

Three children, two boys and one girl, on a grass field playing with a soccer ball.

The World Class Way

Play the Right Way also means that we believe in physical play, but we never lose sight of respecting our opponents.  We have no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct from players, coaches or parents.  We hold our players to a high standard, and we ask that all our players, coaches, and parents embody the World Class Premier Core Values in every part of life as a way of life.

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