Who is World Class Premier?

Established in 2016, World Class Premier is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing a

premier program to the community. It’s our mission to develop highly skilled, competitive

players who Play The Right Way, work hard towards high level soccer careers and embody our core values on and off the field. All children should have an equal opportunity to choose

whatever path they want to pursue beyond soccer. This starts early by giving children the

chance to be part of a team in order to develop character, work ethic and dedication.

Operating in Montgomery County, MD, World Class Premier offers programs to children ages 6 to 18. Our club is known for producing hard-working, dedicated and respectful players who are motivated to continue developing as players, citizens and difference-makers in our community both on and off the field. We have a high standard in our program to better prepare our players for the next level - whether that is to play professionally or college.


  • Provide top level training with a focus on technical and tactical training, skill development and high-level team play.

  • Offer coaching that prepares our players for the next level, whether college or professional.

  • Foster a club atmosphere of commitment, confidence, creativity and good work ethic. 

  • Provide a safe, encouraging, educational environment with a family feel.


As a club, World Class Premier’s foundation is based on ensuring that every player on our teams understands the way the game is supposed to be played. Our desire is to see every player think, understand, and apply this knowledge of the game in creative ways on the field. The foundation we create allows us to play the possession style of Soccer that we believe is the way the game is meant to be played. We discourage the mentality of simply kicking the ball long, and instead, we encourage passes. You will see WCP teams try to build out of the back to connect to the midfielders and eventually work collectively, combined with the strikers, to score a goal. This is what we call, Play The Right Way.

What does it mean to

'play the right way'?

Play The Right Way is giving each player the right tools to express themselves individually on the field and to collectively understand how to work together to play beautiful soccer. When a team plays The Right Way, the ball doesn't only go forward, it's goes backward, sideways and every way. Not only will mistakes happen, but they are welcomed. Players must be allowed to freely think and implement what was taught at practice.

In our eyes, to Play The Right Way also means that we believe in physical play, but always respecting fair play and our opponents. We have no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct from players, coaches or parents. We hold our players to a high standard, and we ask that all our players, coaches, and parents embody the World Class Premier Core Values in every part of life as a way of life and always Play The Right Way. 

It's about how we play and how we win

Naturally, kids want to win. It’s in our nature. Most of the time, we don’t have to tell our teams to go out and win a game, because in their head they naturally desire to do that. The problem comes in, when we adults want the wins more than they do. It’s when we the adults have the expectation that winning is the only way to show progress. It’s when we think that a team is only getting better if they are winning. It’s when we disregard individual development for team results. However, winning doesn’t denote development. Youth teams can stay at the top of the ranks, while the kids on those very same teams aren’t growing or learning new skills. The coach is only doing what is necessary to get the team the win. We don’t prescribe to their method.

What is the

world class premier difference?

In our program, we actually teach our kids. We allow our players to be creative on the field, to try new things, to pass the ball as a team and to understand how to move on and off the ball. We encourage understanding of the sport as a whole. We are one club, with one way. You will see all WCP teams try to build out of the defense. The goal keeper passes the ball to the defenders, the defenders connecting with the midfielders, and midfielders looking for strikers. We also encourage players to play the ball backward if they are attacking forward a change in directions is needed.

At World Class Premier, there is a World Class Premier way of playing. We are dedicated to this approach because we are dedicated to our players. Our goal is to lead the change in the current culture of Youth Soccer in the US, by placing the emphasis on true player development rather than putting the focus on results. 


The focus for most of the European, South American and African Clubs at the younger age is to develop individual players who will eventually become professionals. They are always putting their players in environments to challenge them, and to see them grow. In every other part of the world, besides the US, this is the approach they’ve taken to youth sports. Abroad, professional teams don’t post youth team results until around U18. That’s the age where players are expected to have all they need to become professionals. The score lines don’t matter before U18 because the main focus is that the kids are being given the proper tools in order to become better players game by game. The main focus is actually developing better players. 

World Class Premier agrees with the approach the rest of the world has taken to youth soccer and we are dedicated to helping our players and our parents understand this philosophy of play in hopes that they also will not settle for anything less than true player development. We want to be the change that we wish to see in the culture of youth soccer in the US. We are standing firm to this philosophy by laying the foundation of development which is crucial in molding World Class Players. 




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For Ages 3-7 


For Ages 8-19