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World Class Premier (WCP) has opportunities for kids aged 3-18.

We have the progression you're looking for.

Pre-Premier Academy
Ages 3–7

Mini Stars: Ages 3-4.5 Coed
Superstars: Ages 4.5-5 Coed
Juniors: Ages 6-7 Coed


Girls Teams: Ages 8-18

WCP girls teams compete in the best leagues in Maryland


Boys Teams: Ages 8-18

WCP boys teams play in the best leagues in Maryland

A boys WCP soccer team high-fiving their coach after their soccer game.
A team picture of a WCP girls team.
Young children on a grass field dribbling through cones with a soccer ball while being instructed by their coach.

Development & History of
Our Philosophy

Why hasn’t the US been able to produce World Class Players of the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Ozil, Mané, or Neymar?  Simple.  Our country is not focusing on developing these types of players at the youth level.  Instead, we are focusing on winning.


Winning, however, doesn’t always indicate development.  In Europe, South America, and Africa, clubs at the youth level focus on individual development which has proven to produce elite soccer players competing at the highest levels around the world.  These clubs are constantly putting their players in challenging environments and focusing on the fundamentals to encourage development and growth.  They don’t post youth team results because the scorelines are insignificant.  The goal of games is for kids to build on what they are learning in training and apply it in a competitive scenario.  Once they reach U18, players are prepared to become professionals under this system because, in their developmental youth years, they were given the proper tools and put in the optimal environments to succeed.

WCP agrees with the developmental approach the rest of the world has taken to youth soccer and we are committed to helping our players and our parents understand the importance of this philosophy in hopes that they will not settle for anything less than true player development.  We want to pave the way towards change in the culture of US Soccer by shifting the focus at the youth level to development rather than results which is crucial in molding World Class Players.

Philosophy of Play

We are one club, with one way.  World Class Premier’s foundation is based on playing a possession style of soccer and ensuring that all our players understand it.  We discourage the mentality of simply kicking the ball long without a purpose, and instead, we encourage maintaining possession of the ball, passing, building out of the back, movement on and off the ball, and collectively working as a team to score goals.  We desire to see every player think, understand, and apply their knowledge of the game in creative ways on the field.  We want to be the change that we wish to see in the US soccer culture.  We stand firm in this philosophy because we are dedicated to our players, not to results.

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