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National League...Here we come!

National League...Here we come!

Congratulations to World Class Premier's 08Boys Blue for earning their way into the USYSoccer National Conference for the Spring season! This is a great achievement for our boys as they are our club’s first team to be playing in the 🔝2 divisions!

This is another huge step for our club as this proves that focusing on development and making each player better pays off.

Coach Kokou said “When we started with these boys at U9 we knew they were talented, but the focus has always been on each of their individual journey. It’s great to see how they are developing, but they have a long road ahead of them and we just want them to enjoy the journey. The National Conference will be a challenge, but it’s a great opportunity to be challenged, learn and

continue to improve”

We can’t wait to see the boys go against some of the bigger clubs in the area

Let’s go World Class🟠🔵

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