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MLK Day - Why We Do It

World Class Premier was founded by players who grew up in this community! We competed for our high schools, were voted all county, all state and all Met. We went on to win conference championships and appear in NCAA tournaments with our colleges and finally, some of us achieved the pinnacle of our dreams and got drafted into MLS teams. We did it when no one believed we could and now we have taken a step towards another dream. We started our own professional team with the same kids who grew up in this community!

Why join us? Because we were once like you! In honor of the great MLK, we had a dream and we achieved it, but we’re not stopping there! We’ve built our professional team for the community. We built it for those kids who dream of one day getting their shot too. We’re excited to be able to offer the opportunity to more dreamers like ourselves. For dreamers, by dreamers!

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