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How You Can Improve With World Class Premier This Summer?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

We all know the summer time is the vacation season, but we believe it’s also the time to focus on training. This summer we have a few training options for all players that are looking to continue growing and becoming better players. Check out the trainings below to see how your player can benefit by participating this summer! Don’t miss out!!

What is the Summer Training Program?

The summer training program started as a way to keep our players involved throughout the summer in a less structured format. Over the years, the summer training has provided the opportunity for many of our players to get more touches on the ball and greatly improve their technical skills.

During the training, we focus on improving our players’ comfortability on the ball and strengthening their skills. We create a competitive environment for our players to get the best out of the training. They have the opportunity to work at a high rate while spending more time on the ball. Come and make the offseason a build-up season; join us this summer! SIGN UP HERE

What is the Advanced Small Group Training Program?

The advanced small group training is designed to challenge players that are committed and want to raise their game. As players, we thrived playing and training in tough environments to test our abilities. *We want to offer the same opportunity to our most dedicated players.*

Our advanced training covers all areas of the game. We spend time doing high level drills to bring the best out of our players. During this training, players get the opportunity to play with and against the coaches. Players will be required to work at the same rate as the coaches. This will help our players to train, play, and think at a higher level than they ever have. Join us this summer and take your game to another level! SIGN UP HERE

What is the High School Training Program?

High school tryouts are exciting, but also nerve-wracking! We have been there as players and we want our players to be as prepared as the can be to have the best chance of making their school team.

During our two week training program, we push our players to get them ready physically, technically/skillfully, mentally while building their confidence. We use this training to evaluate each player and help them build on their strengths, while also improving on their weaknesses. The training is long and tough, but exactly what every player needs to get ready for their tryouts. Come prepare with us this summer! SIGN UP HERE

Kokou Assigbe, Director of Coaching

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