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WCP is the leading developmental club training youth teams. For ages 3-18 in the Germantown and Gaithersburg area.

Our Mission

Develop highly skilled, competitive players who Play The Right Way, work hard towards high level soccer careers and embody our core values on and off the field.


World Class Premier develops people. Our club leads the way in true player development. In the place of a results-focused mindset, players under our tutelage, learn and grow and are given the right tools to express themselves individually on the field and to collectively understand how to work together to play beautiful soccer. Founded on a culture of discipline and fun, we instill core values in our players and hold them to a high standard, while simultaneously instilling a love of the game. With WCP, players learn how to Play The Right Way.


We are one club, with one way. Across the board, all WCP teams institute the same philosophy of play. We believe the game should be enjoyable for both players and spectators. Not just with wins, but in how we play and how we win. Through implementation of the total futbol methodology, developed by the likes of Ajax and Barcelona, players have numerous opportunities for touches on the ball. Our teams play out of the back and heavily rely on out-possessing opponents in order to create scoring opportunities. We want to pave the way toward change in the culture of US Soccer, by laying the foundation of development which is crucial in molding World Class Players.


Development l Commitment l Family



Why hasn't the U.S. been able to produce World Class Players of the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Ozil or Neymar?


Simple. Our country is not focusing on developing these type of players at the youth level. Instead, we're focusing on mere winning. 


What's the World Class Premier difference? We choose a different type of winning. We want to win by developing our players to become the best players they can be. By giving them the tools, freedom, and the style of play they need to develop into those World Class Players.


Player development is at the core of our philosophy and we teach players how to Play the Right Way. For us, it’s more about how we play and how we win. We don’t settle for flimsy tactics that produce wins at the young ages but produce under-developed players later on in the game. With true player development as our benchmark, we hope to make waves in the US soccer system. 



The club is PHENOMENAL in every aspect of your training, coaching, and teaching – both physically and mentally."  


As a parent of two World Class Premier players on separate teams, I appreciate the well-structured program and its overall philosophy. The coaches are dedicated to improving the players through individual development, trust, and teamwork. Their unique approach prepares the player mentally and physically as they progress. My sons love the game more than ever, and I have World Class Premier to thank for it.


From the leadership to coaching... your team does an exceptional job developing skills and character both on and off the field. It might be soccer that our children are learning to play, but they’re also becoming “better people” as a result of World Class’s core values."


World Class Premier is Located in

Gaithersburg and Germantown


PO Box 5707

Derwood, MD 20855

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