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In our program, we actually teach our kids and focus on true player development. We allow our players to be creative on the field, to try new things, to pass the ball as a team and to understand how to move on and off the ball. We encourage understanding of the sport as a whole. We are one club, with one way. 

You will see all WCP teams try to build out of the defense. The goal keeper passes the ball to the defenders, the defenders connecting with the midfielders, and midfielders looking for strikers. We also encourage players to play the ball backward if they are attacking forward a change in directions is needed.

At World Class Premier, there is a World Class Premier way of playing. We are dedicated to this approach because we are dedicated to our players. Our goal is to lead the change in the current culture of Youth Soccer in the US, by placing the emphasis on true player development rather than putting the focus on results. 

3 Pillars of WCP

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Development of players, leaders, creativity and character

Commitment to self, team and Club

Family atmosphere

Want To Be A Difference Maker Too ?

Every Soccer year, World Class Premier offers scholarships for families with financial need. If you'd be interested in joining us in this endeavor, then please click the link below to donate. Your giving allows all kids to be able to join the WCP family and learn to Play The Right Way with us! 

Development l Commitment l Family

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