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As a club, World Class Premier’s foundation is based on ensuring that every player on our teams understands the way the game is supposed to be played. Our desire is to see every player think, understand, and apply this knowledge of the game in creative ways on the field. 

The foundation we create allows us to play the possession style of Soccer that we believe is the way the game is meant to be played. We discourage the mentality of simply kicking the ball long, and instead, we encourage passes. You will see WCP teams try to build out of the back to connect to the midfielders and eventually work collectively, combined with the strikers, to score a goal. This is what we call, Play The Right Way.


The focus for most of the European, South American and African Clubs at the younger age is to develop individual players who will eventually become professionals. They are always putting their players in environments to challenge them, and to see them grow. In every other part of the world, besides the US, this is the approach they’ve taken to youth sports. Abroad, professional teams don’t post youth team results until around U18. That’s the age where players are expected to have all they need to become professionals. The scorelines don’t matter before U18 because the main focus is that the kids are being given the proper tools in order to become better players game by game.

The main focus is actually developing better players. World Class Premier agrees with the approach the rest of the world has taken to youth soccer and we are dedicated to helping our players and our parents understand this philosophy of play in hopes that they also will not settle for anything less than true player development. We want to be the change that we wish to see in the culture of youth soccer in the US. We are standing firm to this philosophy by laying the foundation of development which is crucial in molding World Class Players. 

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