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Get A Taste For It

For the player looking to get extra touches on the ball to continue building on their skillset

3-4 Weeks of Training | 3 Sessions per Week


Select 3 or 4 weeks: (at least 2 weeks must be back-to-back)
Select Location:

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Program Details:

Weekly Breakdown:

8 Weeks: June 20th – August 10th, 2023

$105 per week

Each week includes 3 sessions:

Tuesdays & Wednesdas are training sessions

Thursdays are Game Days

Locations & Addresses:

1) WCP Training Center (Indoors)

    409 N Stonestreet Ave.

    Rockville, MD 20850

2) Kingsview MS Tennis Courts (Outdoors)

    18909 Kingsview Rd.

    Germantown, MD 20874

3) Northwest HS Tennis Courts (Outdoors)

    13501 Richter Farm Rd.

    Germantown, MD 20874

    **Note: Thursday sessions at Northwest HS

    will be moved to Kingsview MS to combine

    with Kingsview group for Game Days**


What to Bring:

High work ethic, perseverance, strong mentality

Soccer ball

Plenty of water/gatorade

Indoor shoes (no studded shoes/cleats)

**On Thursday Game Days bring cleats & indoor shoes for Kingsview and Northwest groups!**



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2009, 2008, 2007


2006, 2005


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