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When must a face covering be worn?

Last updated 7/31/20

World Class Premier currently sets up training sessions where players maintain 6 feet social distancing when exercising, therefore we are not requiring face masks when players are actively exercising. However, players must wear face masks during arrival and departure. Parents are asked to wear face masks when not in their cars.

Per Montgomery County Guidelines:

A face covering must be worn whenever a person is in public. This includes:

  • On public transportation (such as Ride On, Metro and ride sharing)

  • Entering businesses and services that are open, including

    • grocery stores

    • restaurants, except when eating or drinking

    • retail businesses

    • religious services

    • hair salons and barbershops

    • pools, except when in the water

    • gyms and fitness centers, including when exercising

  • Exercising or interacting with others outdoors, when physical distancing is not possible

  • Outdoor markets, including farmer's markets

  • Child care centers

  • Anywhere in public when physical distancing from others is not possible (including outdoors)

What about children?

Children over the age of 2 are required to wear a face covering. Children may be more likely to touch their face covering, so parents and caretakers should wash children's hands or apply hand sanitizer often.

What if I have a health problem that makes it difficult to wear a face covering?

If you have a health issue that makes it difficult to wear a face covering, you are not required to wear one but this makes it very important that you practice physical distancing and hand hygiene.

Do I have to wear a face covering while exercising?

Face coverings are required when exercising indoors at a gym or fitness center.  Face coverings are also required outdoors when exercising, when it is difficult to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance between you and others.

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